Edumacation, part 3

Taking the day off, waiting to meet someone to do some GMRS radio testing, figured I could add to the list of books I’ve perused but barely read, this time at the public library.

The most interesting book, however, has a faded “Best Seller 2015" sticker on front despite being printed in 1992 and being distinctly non-best-seller material.


A significant amount of math in this one. Charts chosen at random for your entertainment:

Protip: the iPhone has a level tool built into its camera software so you know when you’re shooting straight down

Reading text like this I have to wonder how the Chinese language copes with highly technical vocabulary.


Heck, I don’t fully understand how the English language does it.

The “How to Make Your Car Last Forever” book is relatively basic, but I can use all the help I can get, since I want my LJ to outlive me.


Ed from Massachusetts reminds me of the fellow I met who thought Google might send him a check thanking him for suggesting that outdated “for sale” postings be removed from their search engine. He was tired of discovering ancient car listings, and somehow managed to find a phone number to reach Google directly. That was a fairly impressive feat.


You know, looking at this pic I think I also would have gone with an alternator for a tattoo.

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