Have any Opponauts been snared by the Hwy 11 speed trap in Bluff City, TN, near Bristol? I found out yesterday I had been snared by their demon speed camera... in June. Looked it up, and it seems that camera issues TENS OF THOUSANDS OF TICKETS. (story below)

Allegedly this is my final notice so I’ve waived appeal, blah blah (did I get a previous one? did I balls). Also, that stretch of 11 is 45mph for 1.3 miles instead of 55. Also also, that speed camera contributed one year the vast majority of Bluff City’s revenue from all sources. Further also, it’s so egregious that it’s come up in the state legislature multiple times, been the subject of multiple lawsuits, and got on one guy’s tits so much that he stole the BCPD’s domain name out from under them. Also infinity, Bluff City annexed that area, not in the main part of town, seemingly for the express purpose of extorting people in the past. Also aleph one, Arizona Traffic Solutions runs the camera, because of course they do.

I came through there at twilight (8:00PM), and cannot recall seeing notices of the camera, nor actually the speed limit sign. Heres’ a kicker, though: in the short video clip on their website, mere seconds before my car passes, a white Explorer comes past IN BETWEEN THE LANES at the same speed - mid-unsignaled dangerous lane change. So no, as he was between the trip sensors for the two lanes, there is almost no chance he was ticketed.


Me driving reasonably at the pace of most traffic, save a few people panic-slowing for the camera - fuck me, apparently.

Oh, and the crown turd on the mountain of nougatey poo goodness? The “ticket” says “speeding”. It does not state an amount of speeding alleged to have occurred. Bullshit.


It’s $50, no points, but with a processing fee for “convenient” payment online, etc. This after apparently failing to get the damn notice to me in a timely manner and depriving me of process there. Tempted to send them a Wachovia check registered mail (that’s what mine are - still valid) to dodge any more $ in the pocket of the shitbirds, with “quasi-legal highwayman operation” in the memo line and a formal FU letter. If they refuse to accept that, game on, fuckers.