The weather has been gorgeous this week, but I haven’t been able to ride my scooter, because the stator isn’t charging the battery, and the part is back ordered until mid-September. It’s been driving me completely insane.

Today I realized that I am an idiot. It took me nearly two months to decide to figure out why my battery was being slowly killed, during which I rode hundreds of miles. What, all of the sudden because I know the problem, I can’t still keep riding it?


No, stupid, that’s not how this works. Tonight I threw it back together. And by that I mean I plugged the stator back in, and snapped the lower cover back on. I threw my battery charger on it. Tomorrow I ride to work, like I should have been doing all damn week.

I did have a mini freak out. After I initially put it together, it wouldn’t crank. At all. WTF!?!?!

Oh, I left the kickstand down after putting it on the center stand ... Riiiiiiiiight.

Man, I is stupid sometimes.

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