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Fitting is seized to the line so it will not swivel. What should have been a simple rotor and pad swap has turned into a multi-day headache.


Noticed a tear in piston seal thing when taking out the old pads. Ordered new calipers. Went to remove the brake hose from the first caliper and realized the hose had a hole in it. Ordered those. While putting on the second side I realized the caliper was missing the pad retaining hardware. Ordered that.(at no charge but still added one more day)

Got the line and hose fitting to break free from eachother, but had to cut the old hose so it could rotate since we had no swivel action at our disposal. After a liberal application of pb blaster and a short passage of time, I gave another go at freeing the fitting. Nothing doing. And at this point I don’t trust that my attempts haven’t further ruined the line so it will get replaced.


It’s a short section and not a complicated shape but it is still a damn annoying situation.

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