We are looking at replacing our V8 Navigator L with another 3-row SUV. Currently we average approx 13 mpg over 25 miles daily.

The replacement vehicle will deal with extreme traffic (stop-n-go) and will be used 60 miles a day. And looks like in that scenario it averages 11.5 mpg over 60 miles. So it’s important that it be efficient or maybe hybrid of some sort.

Also, it needs to have three rows, with a total seating for at least 7. 

Needs to accommodate 3 car seats plus 4 adults. 

Range of vehicles I have looked at:

CPO MB GL 350 blutec: mpg and space

CPO Audi Q7 3.0 TDi

NEW VW Atlas 2.0T is efficient too.



I need more suggestions. I am trying to push my wife towards a large sedan.

Almost a NO:

Tesla Model X: mpge works in our favor, but it’s VERY expensive.

350 Infiniti OX60 Hybrid - mpg and usable space - Looks like a van (Wife and me are both against vans)

Pleas HALP!