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EFI conversion, or engine swap?

I’ve got a line on a ‘97 Explorer engine from a friend, who would potentially throw in a T5 as well. Lowish miles 110k on the engine. He was going to put it in his Ranger, but the Ranger went away. I’m unsure the level of fab it takes to drop a modern engine into the Cougar, but I know that it isn’t terrible substantial. Or maybe it is.

Or, do I install an EFI kit (such as a Holley Sniper master kit) on the existing leaky 50 year old 289 that’s been bored 60 over. My main concern are my mechanical abilities, I’m good at nuts and bolts, I can’t say I’ve ever done any substantial fabrication.

A T5 is definitely in the Cougar’s future, as the 3 speed makes highway driving nearly unbearable. The engine/tranny would cost somewhere around $400, probably a little less. The EFI kits run around $1300. I won’t pretend cost isn’t an issue, but so is getting in over my head. I’ve disassembled engines before, but for instance. I have never welded and don’t have a welder.


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