My favorite breakfast.

Ingredients needed:

-2 eggs

-Some form of baked dough. I chose biscuits but this is also a good way to get rid of the those last two slices of bread that are kinda stale.

-(optional) breakfast meat: sausage, scrapple, ham, pork roll

-a handful of flour

-as much butter as you want

-some salt and pepper or whatever spices you want to add

Coordination of events is important with this one because you will use the same pan for both eggs/sausage and gravy.


Step 1: Since I was using leftover biscuits I just threw them in the oven at 350° to keep warm. Otherwise prepare them ahead of time and just keep warm. If using bread, I just tear up into bits and leave on the plate.

Step 2: If using a secondary meat (or vegetables if that’s your thing) prepare that stuff first. I had leftover(I’m really not doing this right) breakfast sausage so I fried that up with some butter.



Step 3: Prepare your eggs. For sandwiches I prefer fried eggs, but for this meal I go scrambled.


Pick out any broken shell bits.


Add whatever spices. I’m simple with just salt and pepper.

Step 4: Add eggs to other stuff.


I was going to go for an omelette type thing.

But that failed miserably when I tried to turn it. Oh well. It’s still gonna taste the same.


Step 5: Everything is just gravy.

This part you need to work quick and is easy to mess up.

Start by throwing a wad of butter into the still hot pan.


Use a whisk to break up sausage and egg bits from the pan. You want to use enough butter to get a decent puddle going on.

Dump in just a little flour. You can always add more.


Use the whisk and blend flour and melted butter/sausage grease together. Should look something like this. If too wet add more flour. If you used too much flour...

Add milk. Again use sparingly. Usually just enough to cover the bottom of the pan. If you use too much it will be too thin. You can add more flour to thicken it but it will compromise taste.


Whisk away! You want to keep stirring over a low-medium heat. Once the clumps break up it should start to thicken very quickly.


Throw a little more salt and pepper in while you’re at it. I could’ve used a little more milk as it came out a bit thicker than I would normally like. The fact I didn’t burn down my house while trying to do this was good enough for me.

Pour on to food and enjoy!