I was talking with my neighbor over the weekend during a brake in the beam project. His truck is consuming oil at an elevated rate. He took it to to a repair shop which said it would be $2k or something high like that. They said his exhaust manifold is leaking and it requires the engine to be pulled to repair and isn’t really worth doing. I told him that’s probably BS (at least the engine pull part). I looked into and the repair can be done with the engine in place, but it requires you to grow a couple extra elbows to reach all the studs. Then the video talked about how much fun the studs are and how easy is it to brake them. He just got laid off and had to cancel his plan of buying a new truck. I wanted to help him but this seems like a potential nightmare. I could be wrong on the oil leak and exhaust manifold being connected or they could be two separate issues. I dont really remember.

2004 F150 with a lot of miles and the 5.4 V8.

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