Eibach, USA

Finally! 5 Weeks after my Bilsteins came in for my 2002 tii projekt, the Eibach springs came in. Of course, not from Germany but from the USA (?). They even aren't TÜV-geprüft so somewhat illegal over here (at least, in Germany) I suppose.


They look pretty cool:

So now all we need to do is mount all stuff and send it back one more time to the paint shop to clear the drainage in the rockers. Only problem is the paint shop will be closed in a week or 2 for the holidays, not sure if I find time to arrange everything in time...


I also ordered a new carpet set (the old one was attacked by mice or something), both seats and Kügelfischer are being upholstered/overhauled as we speak so the end is near. In september or somewhere like that. I hope before winter sets in.

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