Last week I came across your run-of-the-mill American police chase story that involved a police officer throwing tire spikes to immobilize a vehicle and that vehicle careening into other vehicles.

When I hear stories like this I'm always reminded of the scene above.

Brian O'Conner's car is stopped dead when Agent Markham fires what appears to be an an electrically-charged industrial version of The Claw, a deviceused to secure these squeaky aliens.

This movie is over 10 years old and yet here we are still throwing what amounts to a strip of nails into the road to stop cars. Curious if the lack of vehicle stun guns is a monetary problem or an engineering problem.


The little research I did took me over to a survivalist forum where the conversation quickly eroded into whether or not you could create a Faraday cage large enough for a vehicle to survive the charge from our sun exploding. Frankly if the sun explodes I doubt I'll need my car.

Do you think police officers should develop and field automotive tasers? I'll bet we'd get great dash cams, "Don't tase my M3, bro!"