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Eisenberg on TG Is Like How I Would Be On Comic Book Men

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Don’t like cars? Don’t know how to drive? Best car ever owned was a Honda Civic Accord? PERFECT! Let’s get you on TOP GEAR!! Also, here is how my stint on AMC’s Comic Book Men went:

PatBateman: Hey guys, I was told that I’m interning here for a few months!

Kevin Smith: Fantastic! Great to meet another comic book fan!

PB: Well, I mean, I’m not really a comic book fan...

KS: Really? Well, okay, you’re not a fan of ALL comic books, but what’s your favorite comic book?


PB: I don’t really have a favorite. I’ve never owned any. Or read any. Ever.

KS: So you don’t like Comic Books...

PB: Correct.

KS: ...and you’ve never owned any...

PB: Right.

KS: So what in the hell are you doing here?!

PB: I have a movie coming out, and I’m desperate for any and all attention.

KS: Oh, you mean like when Jesse Eisenberg was on Top Gear?


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