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Elaborate Craigslist Scam?

Paraphrased from another Forum that I follow.

This car was on CL nearby in Baltimore -

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The price is in line with a regular 997.1S, although a quick check showed 2 of these ‘club’ cars on BaT for $50k & $72k... and the photos in the CL ad are stolen from the BaT ad -

of course I email, maybe its a guy who doesnt know what he has and I score the deal of the year. They respond with the usual, “I’m in canada, and the car is with a broker” bullshit...

With a link to a broker/dealer website that has the car listed -

The broker seems to be a legitimate business, at least doesnt have any negative BBB/Yelp/Google reviews, and positive comments on their youtube channel... although if you search “Hollmann Group Auto Brokers” in google nothing turns up.

So, it seems someone has gone to great lengths to fabricate a broker/dealer that doesnt exist to steal your credit/bank info under the auspices that they’ll deliver a car to you. I guess the Nigerian prince uncle scam has run its course.


Check the address on Google Maps. Its an industrial park with typical light industrial buildings/offices. No suite number and street view shows no sign of anything that would correspond to an upscale auto broker.

There is an extensive Holman (one ‘l’) Auto Group here in South Jersey. They appear to be totally unrelated to Hollman whatever. I suspect the similarity to a legitimate group is part of the facade.

Hollmann Group seems to be the American branch of the much larger European Hollmann International.

If it is a scam, it is very elaborate.

If there is a ‘boxer in the area maybe he could drop by and check it out


If you click the “About Us” on the website, it pulls up a long list of employees. A few are Edmunds execs according to LinkedIn, with no mention of being involved with Hollmann.

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