Elantra Sport? (no need for air quotes)

With the talk on the Sentra Nismo let’s have a look at it’s “competition” the Elantra Sport. Or rather the Sentra SR’s competition.

The Sentra Nismo is basically the same thing as a Sentra SR turbo but with a bodykit. This Hyundai, however, is something a bit more serious despite it’s sedate looks.


Basic rundown:


6mt AND a 7 dct - yes a DCT as an option. The Juke Nismo and Sentra SR has a CVT as the “auto”.

Rear suspension swapped to multilink <- important

Larger brakes

“Tuned” suspension including beefier sway bars, steering and final drive adjustments (could vary wildly in quality but it’s an effort)


Sport sounding exhaust

interior with leather seats and other “luxuries”

Price? $21k.

The Sentra SR Turbo is $21k. What do you think the Nismo is going to cost?

Here is an article on the Sentra SR Turbo:


Now think about this next bit for a second. Aside the mid engine hot hatch Hyundai has been caught testing they also have been caught testing the Elantra GT N. Which is probably going to be the real price competition with the Sentra Nismo. These are already some nice upgrades to make an Elantra decently respectable. What is the N going to be like? (i30 = Elantra GT overseas)

When it was announced people were laughing at Hyundai over N. What should we do in regards to Nissan and Nismo?


edit: Kinja seems to not be posting my links?

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