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Yes, you are reading that title right.

So, I was browsing Kijiji (for those that don’t know it’s a Canadian site where people can sell and buy stuff off other people in person). As usual I was looking at cars and decided to just look up Chevrolet S-10s (one of the last remnants of the domestic “small truck”). And then I found this ad:


This guy sacrificed a perfectly good ‘87 S-10 to perform an electric conversion and get a range of 40-50km on golf cart batteries.

I know I’m a fan of imports, but even I gotta admit this is sad (small trucks are another one of my favourite categories of automobiles). In any case, the dude is offering $4K CAD for it, so if any fellow Jalops feel like gutting this thing to put a petrol engine in place of the electric wiring (or have the money to put Tesla parts in the existing electric setup), have at it.

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