Took my Ranger in for an oil change Friday, when I went to do some shopping at night I noticed my dash lights wern’t working (Instrument cluster and Climate control). I’m thinking that because of the temperature differential in the shop and outside( -30*C), something expanded and contracted in a odd way. So today I went out to check the fuses, and found that all 3 instrument cluster fuses were good, albeit a little corroded. So next I have to check the dimmer switch and the connectors in the dash but because it’s too cold for the plastics ( -20*C, I had to even heat up the fuse box cover so it wouldn’t shatter), I’ll have to wait to do it some other day, so I can’t drive the truck at night anymore, unless I pay to have a shop fix it. :(

In other news I bought a pile of new computer parts so I’ll be spending the rest of my Saturday, replacing my graphics card going from a GTX 650Ti to a RX Vega 56, removing the 120mm blue LED front case fan and putting in a 140mm Arctic F14PWM. I got some fan filters to control the dust. and I’m going to put new thermal compound on the CPU. And then probably play Rise of the Tomb Raider and Destiny 2. :)


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