Please explain your answer to me in the simplest way possible, because this is a subject I want to know nothing about yet I need to be responsible here.

Tonight, in preparation for the Rolex (and also because promotional pricing) I decided to add cable, since cable + faster internet is cheaper than slow internet. Came home, plugged everything in. Modem to coax + power, cable box to coax + HDMI to tv (off), then plugged in the cable box to the surge protector...and the tv hummed and then smoked and now doesn’t work.

Obviously something is wrong. The internet implies that Comcast will occasionally have issues with techs not properly grounding their connections, but nothing else was damaged so it doesn’t appear that the coax experienced a surge. (I am willing to reconsider this though).

Please tell me what to look for. We have outlet testers at work so I can grab one tomorrow but other than that...? I want to figure out what happened before I buy and ruin another tv, or worse, burn the house down.