Long story short, I tried to piggyback something small off of the interior cabin light with t-splices. The interior light has a black ground, red power and white to switch between always on and on when a door is open. In my efforts to get the additional item to only be on with the doors open, I ended up with splices on all three wires.


Not sure what happened, but now the OEM interior light won’t work (whatever) and the stereo system isn’t working at all. No power to the amp, no power to the head, the antenna isn’t rising... I have no idea where to start troubleshooting. I’m unsure of how these two things are related, but they must be right? Stereo was working just fine previously... Any ideas?

I checked the fuse I put in between the amp and battery and it’s fine.

(edit) I just learned there is a SECOND fuse box next to the clutch pedal. And apparently there’s a fuse that protects both interior lighting and the radio. That’s likely the culprit. Does anyone have a small child I can use to get to this fuse box..? Convertible doesn’t help with this unfortunately

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