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Electrical gremlins...Non Car

Our office has a fancy coffee machine. It is plugged into GFCI outlet 20A. That one outlet is connected to only one 20A circuit breaker in a panel.

From time to time GFCI outlet pops.

From time to time Circuit breaker panel makes crackling sounds.

This morning, the Circuit breaker panel was making the noise... then GFCI outlet popped.


Load wise, 20 A should be enough. I believe the coffee machine demands 1800 watts max when it’s heating up the boilers.

GFCI outlet has recently been replaced and it is still happening.

One option is that the coffee machine has some corrosion around boilers which requires more power to heat water and therefore it’s popping shit.


Another option is that the circuit breaker is having an issue and needs to be replaces.

Circuit breaker makes crackling sounds only sometimes. Not all times.

Any thoughts? 

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