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I bought a bunch of LED bulbs for my Crappy Vic because the incandescent bulbs have all but melted all of the sockets in the car’s ten years of life. But here’s the thing: with the LEDs in place, the blinkers tend to blink fast as if there’s a burnt-out bulb. My theory is that the system somehow measures current draw and the LEDs draw significantly less current, so the car thinks there’s a burnout. My idea is to introduce a resistor somewhere on each side, probably in the trunk because easy access, that’s rated at something similar to the draw of the stock bulbs. When the blinkers happen, four elements in the rear on each side and two or three elements on the front happen. So that could be on the order of 2 to 4 amps of draw at 12 volts. Thoughts? Where do you buy a resistor? Is an ohm an ohm?


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