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Electrical help needed

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Lights and outlets are the blue switches in the bottom left, I always trip the top switch (which is just bedroom and bathroom) when I’m running too much. So a space heater and a few lights basically. Hooray for old homes. Normally I just turn the heat off and flip the switch, boom, lights come back on. I’m good until I accidentally run too much again in a month or so. However this time... When I went out to the fuse box I heard a sizzling sound. That’s new. Flipped the switch anyways (there was some resistance but it flipped) and now my lights are flickering like crazy. Totally unusable. So, Uhm. What to do? Calling an electrician is always pricey, and I while I have some cash... I’d rather not resort to that. I’m also not particularly mobile due to an uncooperative knee. Thoughts?


And now none of the lights/outlets are working. Erghhhh this week...

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