I have an electrician in my apartment right now replacing all of my lights. He took out the old ones and the wires were FRIED. Is this something I should be really angry/litigious about?

I started having intermittent problems with my lights about four months ago. I would turn some on and it would trip my breaker. Nothing I couldn't live with, but I wanted it fixed. The electrician initially thought it was just too much of a draw for the breaker, and recommended we switch all the bulbs from halogen to LED. My landlord did this, which helped some but didn't fix everything.

The electrician came back today and found the wiring in it's current state. The plastic pieces were severely blackened, as was the insulation on many of the wires. The insulation was burned to the point where it crumbled off of the wire quite easily.

Like I said, they're currently redoing the wiring and replacing the lights at no cost to me, so I'm not worried about that. My main concern is whether this was a potentially dangerous situation and I just got lucky.


I'm going to send more and better pictures to my dad tonight and see what he says, but in the meantime what are your thoughts oppo?