Electrical success! Now with more HUZZAH!!

My dad came over Tuesday and ran three new circuits for my kitchen. This morning I completed wiring up these outlets. I’ve run conduit before, but I’ve never pulled wire. My hands hurt like hell from yanking wire through flexible armored conduit. You people who live where Romex is legal have no freaking idea how easy you have it. I would’ve been completely done with electrical yesterday. Instead, I still have lights and outlets on the other side of the kitchen to. No worries though, I lost an entire damn week of summer due to meetings ... Wait, scratch that no worries part. Because there is no way in hell I’ll have all the cabinets in before Wednesday, when the meetings begin.

For those in the know, don’t worry, those are temp outlets. I’ll install the proper GFI outlets once paint and tile are done.



I got the other outlets powered up before I go to bed. Again, just cheapie temp outlets.

Tomorrow I have to wire up two 3-way switches. I’ve pulled the wires according to the diagram my dad drew me, but frankly I am a bit confused as to how to connect them. I’ll figure it out though!


Hopefully I don’t end up looking like Doc Brown :)

Further update!

I done did it! Only one tiny stupid mistake was made, no sparks flew, and they worked!


I can now officially mark off “wire 3-way switches” off my “stuff I need to learn” list. I still need to get the power from here, to where the lights are actually going on this wall, but that won’t take long.


I am freaking stoked about conquering this brain bender!

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