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Electrical troubleshooting help?

[edit] Fixed! Woo-hoo! 

The electric push-button reel retract died a few days ago and I finally got a chance to look into it. I assumed it was a bad ground, but... After cleaning up the corroded connection still no bueno.


Two wires running off of the push button, and two wires running off of the motor itself. They all kinda meet up in this cylindrical thing below. Also, the Braun magnetic, micro USB-rechargeable light is the best thing harbor freight sells.

So here’s the ground. I took everything apart and cleaned it all with a wire wheel, but upon reassembly... Still not working. Rats.


I traced the main power cable running from the cylinder thingy and it goes to the fuse box in the engine bay. I assume it’s hooked up to the “125 mega fuse?” never seen a fuse like that.


So... Any ideas? This is a Chevy box truck, and it’s outfitted to deliver a super corrosive sodium hypochlorite via medium pressure hoses for roof cleaning, among other things. Unfortunately it before I came along, the system wasn’t contained properly and fumes caused all sorts of rust and general degradation.


Just found this on the reel motor

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