Always assume the previous owner is trying to kill you. Again, the 4Runner’s previous owner’s mishandling of wiring work/cheap hacking reared it’s ugly face. In combination with him cutting the battery box and the positive lead, the moveable post that the battery crossover is attached to popped out on Sunday. While driving around a corner, the short positive cable and loose metal mount touched, shutting the vehicle down. That was fun. That was half a mile from home, and it untouched itself and started back up. I had a short drive back, so I continued. Up until it shut off again while crossing a lane.

So I have some work to do...

The PSA is, if you don’t know how to mess with wiring, don’t. If you have a battery that doesn’t fit lying around, it doesn’t fit, don’t make permanant alterations so it does. And if you are buying used, buy it from someone providing proof that they didn’t touch it themselves.

And I needed a backup vehicle now that I have a VW /s