What you see is my being towed home last night by my frustrated friend who’s helped me put this car back together since almost Day 1 with his T&C. The drive to work yesterday was great with no problems. The “drive” to a friends house after work is where it went to shit.

I wasn’t but mile from work and the car felt like it was slowing down and not getting spark. The throttle didn’t produce revs, and once it stopped the battery had no juice. And it seemed it only had juice when hooked to a charger or another car. Once again, wonderful individuals came to my aid and helped me push the car off the road and onto a side street.

When checking for spark, there was power at the coil, nothing at the wires and plugs which are relatively new, as is the coil. The distributor cap was the only carryover and physically looks old so I’m gonna replace and eliminate it as the culprit after work.


Frustratingly, the battery is great when jumped or connected to another car. It falls on it’s face when on it’s own...Had 10-11v with ignition on. Goes down to less than 2v when “cranking”. I’d tested it two months ago and it was good.

I was and still am upset with myself more than with the car. Some of the things electrically I’d thought I’d done a decent job of “fixing” bad enough to get an earful from my friend who’s a Bosch engineer. Discouraging as it was, it was warranted and honest because he didn’t want to see me stranded without help somewhere. I felt worse that I dragged him and some other unrelated friends from what they were doing to rescue me when I probably should’ve taken the “L” and called a tow.


So it’s back to parking and diagnosing.