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So, my kids have a Razor drifter. It’s been a ton of fun. See below screenshot...

Dab of oppo, natch!

However, for the last couple years it keeps killing batteries.

I finally gave up and took it to an actual shop, and after replacing EVERYTHING it is still doing it.


In detail, it has two 12 volt batteries in series. It kills ONE of those batteries after a couple charging cycles.

I plug it in and charge it overnight (as recommended) when the batteries are new. It runs fine that first time. After I recharge it the second time (again - always at least overnight), it seems a little slower than the first time, and it doesn’t run as long.

When I plug it in after that, it won’t even take a charge. The light on the charger remains green (it doesn’t turn red to indicate it’s taking a charge). I’ve left it plugged in anyway to see if it will “trickle” charge, but no dice.

I’ve replaced the batteries (both at the same time) a total of FIVE times now. I’ve replaced the charger three times, and just replaced ALL the other components (controller, throttle, etc).


And it’s still doing the same thing (just killed another battery).

The only thing still original is the motor itself, and I can’t imagine how something in the motor could affect it’s ability to charge.


I have read on a couple forums of people having the same problem - but not one of them ever found (or at least posted) any resolution to their issue.

Can anyone think of anything else I could try?


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