So I was going through my dads Garage cleaning it out yesterday and I found this

Its a Jacobs Electronics Pro Street Ultra Team pack. He had bought it for an '88 suburban and took it off when he sold it and apparently just put it in a box and let it hang out. I am getting a new ride this week (hopefully...stupid shippers) and if their claims are even half true it may be worth putting it on the Land Cruiser...but...I've heard stories about the failure rate on this units, shorts, etc. and I was wondering if anyone had any first hand experience with it. I think I will try because, hey, free plug and play electronic ignition but does anyone have any experience with these systems (jacobs, msd, etc) and if they even make a difference? They promise a 5% power and torque increase and a 14% mileage increase (in 1999 is was "guaranteed" but they have since disappeared from the market)