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Electronics Recycling?

Just had a funny series of phone calls. We have a bunch of old equipment at work that we need to get rid of. We don’t have quite enough for a organization that takes donations to want to come and pick it up. However, it’s enough to make my our server room look like...well, your average server room but I hate disorganization almost as much as I hate holding on to old crap that isn’t car related.

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So I called a disposal services company who said “oh no, we don’t take that type of stuff anymore. I’m not even sure who does.” She then gave me the number to our county’s recycling office and I called them. I asked for electronics recycling and the receptionist connected me. It was a recording that said a bunch of BS then ended with “the best course of action for electronics recycling is to contact your state senator about the lack of options for recycling.”

Are ya fuckin’ serious!? It’s been a few years since I’ve done this but apparently there is a real problem getting rid of this stuff these days. I can totally understand as the number of electronics is ever increasing and places to put them are decreasing.


Sure places like best buy and staples take one or two things at at time, but we’ve got a bunch of stuff. I’m going to write the senator, but can you guess how 99% of people are going to take that message...right in the dumpster.

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