When I picked up The Elephant, it had just over 13,000 miles on it and it was wearing it's second set of Goodyears. They were almost bald.

He jumped the start and I won even though I mangled the launch.

Because I wanted to take her on a road trip - through the NRQZ, then up across PA and on to the New England coast line - I didn't put much thought into it. I slapped on two new rears (about $410, thankyouverymuch) and lit out for the east coast, learning quickly that my new toy was seriously under-tired.


When I got home 2,400 miles later, I decided it was time to address this problem.

In a perfect world, I could have just ordered some tasty 13" wide wheels shod with 335 and call my traction problems solved. Unfortunately, you can't get much tire under a Challenger - most R/T's and SRTs came from the factor with 9" wide wheels and it's tough to get anything more than 10" in there without rolling the fenders (that's what she said?).

Drag Radials were my second thought, but then I hit an aesthetic issue: I'd have to drop down from 20" wheels - at least to 19", maybe even 18" - and I'm not looking to do that.

So, I was left with the Volume Option: get some good high performance summer tires and replace them often. I went with BFG Sport Comp II. A full set was about $725, mounted and balanced.


That was in August. In October, I replaced the rears again for a mere $340.

By now, the car has consumed 16 tires - eight of them on my tab, costing about $1,475. Holy cow it's expensive to be a smoker.


With warm weather hopefully coming (even though there's a fresh foot of snow out there), I have been thinking about more options. I know a 285 will fit - that's the stock size for a Hellcat, and they don't have flared fenders.

Maybe something like this? This wheel/tire package looks like business:

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