This little three wheeled thing is called the Elio and it seems to be all I can think about. Not because of it's looks or it's less than stellar performance, but because of what it represents. The Elio is a car that can fix what's wrong with this country.

I know i'm not the only one out there that feels like the automotive industry, specifically the american one, has not only lost its way but has also brought most of the car buying public along for the ride. With the possible exception of Tesla most american car manufacturers are so focused on what each other is doing that they're forgetting about trying something new. Sure new cars are coming along with new face lifts like the new Malibu but honestly it's the same car it's always been except somewhere along the line it's drive wheels moved to the front of the car.

The Elio is also nothing new, we've seen attempts at popularizing a three wheeled car before. Take the Volkswagen GX3 or the T-rex...


A car, kind of, that looks like it was designed almost exclusively by the people responsible for those stick on vents you buy at Pep-Boys.

These were neat, they were toys really, but Elio represents something different to me. It represents a company looking at the way we drive today and saying, "this sucks, we can do better" Smart had the same idea when it brought North America the Smart for two, a few years ago. The idea that how we drive today is terribly wasteful and could be re thought. The Elio get's good milage, is safe (supposedly) and won't cost much, and that's all well and good. It's not what makes me excited about the company though.


The reason Elio is so cool to me is because it's doing the same thing that Volkswagen did with the original beetle. Cheap transport that gets you to work. How many of us drive a car or a truck that has more than four seats, and drive alone more than two thirds of the time? All of you, that's how many! Just imagine for a second that you bought a car like the Elio, or even better, bought your kid one. Something that's safe, fuel efficient and cheap as hell. Where would the downfall be? More money in your pocket, because the car didn't cost that much to start with, and because you only need to buy gas once a month. Win win.

I know Elio will probably fail and the car will never become a reality, but just the idea of it is something that the auto industry needs to take a long hard look at.

What do you all think of this idea, would you buy one?

I should mention that I don't work for these guys.