So my post about the EP3 didn't go too well the other day. Wondering what OPPOs thoughts were on the 1999-2000 Civic Si. I have always loved them, 100hp/liter from the little 8000rpm 1.6. Crisp 5 speed manual.

They are best in Electron Blue Pearl. I am going to check one out today after work. A '99 with 100,000 miles, minimal modifications (megan coilovers, injen intake, dc exhaust), extremely clean, in Electron Blue Pearl. A dream car of mine. Guy is asking 7k but has indicated 6k is about as low as he will go. A lot of money, but a near stock, clean EM1 is quite rare these days. Any advice? NPOCP? Anything specific to look for with this model? Thanks for any advice you can give loyal opponauts.