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Embracing my inner James May, wait that....

So my million pound original horn that mounts on the underside of the hood on an M37 was begging to be taken apart. I thought maybe I could use the original housing and pack it full of more modern, working horn type things. Plenty of room.

That big nut bolt thing goes on the back, it has a pretty cool O ring set into it so it keeps it all waterproof.
The center is filled with coiled wire, heavy, everything is heavy.
This piece is held in by tension, it’s so the back nut can hold both halves together.
These were pressed in, had to pry them. If I keep the whole unit together to use I am going to cut the center out of this because I need the outer edge for the bolts, also have to keep the little half circle holes for the tension thing so that back will stay on.
So this is what is in the truck now, see the top of the picture on the hood. Next time I go to my friend’s shop I will see if that one might fit inside the original housing, or we have to get some that will. Or maybe I can just get the original face over that, I have to what size they are.

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