Even though it’s a Kubota engine, the problem was the part made by Cummins.

Let’s have closer look.


That’s the Dipstick/oil filler combo, the big split was spitting oil when it was running. Luckily not damaging the surface underneath. The original oil filler on top of the engine isn’t used, instead there’s this steel and rubber line weaving it’s way through the case.

It’s impossible to get to this without taking most of the generator apart, and as this needs to go out on a job tomorrow the solution was a piece of split rubber pipe Zip tied over the split. As access is so difficult I needed to do the zip ties up with long nosed pliers and a long flat screwdriver.

Something that’s strange about this generator is the layout. The engine is effectively a transverse setup with a belt drive to the power alternator. The engine alternator is also gear driven. I guess it’s to get the compact packaging.


Good units, but a PITA to work on. It’s all got to come apart next week! The coolant hoses have also chafed so those will be changed at the same time.

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