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Emotional Support Horse

Have I mentioned I love this car? I was kinda teetering into a bad headspace this evening so I forced myself to fire up the car. The sunset turned out to be stunning and the car drove even better. I need to keep adding the miles to the odometer. Nothing puts a smile on my face like a drive in this car. I am truly blessed to have an outlet that rarely fails to change my mood so drastically. I know many people have major issues right now with the pandemic, unemployment, and natural disasters, and my problems are insignificant in comparison. I hope all of you are doing as well as possible and staying sane. Reach out to friends and family to check in, and be sure you reach out to your support network if you are having issues. A simple conversation can help a lot, and I promise you will not be a burden to someone close.

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Take care of yourselves.

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