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Empty mass for Opel Ascona B

I just weighed my project Opel using couple of scales. Any guesses what’s the outcome? The whole mass and the weight distribution can be guessed.

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It has the original (or similar) 1.9 N CIH engine with 4-speed manual. The interior has been stripped and it only has front seats, door cards, a headliner and a complete dash. There’s no stereo or any useless wiring. The noise insulation has been removed from the area around the front seats. The bumpers have been removed and the original fuel tank has been temporarily replaced with a 5 liter plastic container that currently has ~2 liters of fuel.

The awesome looking Irmscher rubber rear spoiler and a cheap tachometer are the only modifications that have increased the weight. The exhaust system is non original but I don’t think that the weight has changed much. The 13x6" ATS aluminum wheels are likely very similar in weight compared to the original steel wheels.


The car was originally white but it has received 80's treatment that did include a weird body kit (removed but does still exist), trendy metallic blue, stereo system and bright red (Saab) upholstery update. The seats likely wore some fake feline skin covers but those have been lost during the years.

UPDATE: The weight was 880 kg with 59/41 distribution. CB was best guesser for distribution and Cé hé sin for the weight.

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