on my way home yesterday captain oblivious talking on his cellphone drifted into my lane. I beeped. he cuts into my lane and hits the brakes to the point where I have to swerve right to avoid rear ending him. well fuck you buddy but to top it off the asshole flips me off as I pass him. At that point I realize his plumbing company’s name and phone number are on the side of his truck. I start to slow down to get the number but his lane hit traffic and came to a stop and I didn’t care enough to stop and wait for him. Your lucky this time asshole.

My plan was to call him and inform him that at any point in the future he could get a service call but he will never know which one is real and which one would be sending him to the house of some random person, maybe even a competing plumbers house. While I’d never actually follow through with this, it would keep the guy guessing and reminding himself of how much of an asshole he is.

a sweet tune for the afternoon.