I figured I should let Oppo know, I sold my infamous PT Cruiser last night. I’ve own the car for 9 years and put 87k miles on it, it was the first car I have ever personally owned. I was emotionally attached despite it being a slow car.

There were numerous factors that came into play. Firstly the oil cooler mount was warped and busted; it was being held together by zip ties and a prayer. Because the mount was bad, it was slowly but surely tearing the radiator apart as well. I was quoted $1000 to get it fixed. The whole point of having a car for the wife was so she can drive it, i was no longer comfortable with her driving it because the oil cooler might fall again. My hand was a bit forced.


I traded it in for $500 (more than i expected honestly) and made good on a 2 year long promise to my wife that “the next car we get will be a mini van for you.” That promise is now fulfilled. Now once the van is paid off, i can work on getting a fun car...

So Oppo, if you can, do a donut in your car in remembrance of Jolly Roger, the PT Cruiser of Oppositelock.

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