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End of an Era

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After being alerted by Just Jeepin’ that Carvana was paying retail for used cars, I plugged my 2011 Wrangler into their configurator. They offered me $15,500. I paid around $18k for it about four years ago and put over 60k miles on it, including several cross country offroad/camping trips. KBB indicated a private party value of 14-17, so their offer seemed pretty good assuming I wouldn’t have to deal with any bs.


The whole experience was drama free. They emailed me a day after I accepted their offer in order to set up an inspection and drop off. I drove to their store and signed the DMV paperwork while they looked over the truck. The check was already cut. Whole process took about five minutes.

My youngest was very sad to see her go. Lots of great memories in that Jeep.

Illustration for article titled End of an Era
Image: Me

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