In T-Minus ~36 hours, I will finally be leaving my POS ISP behind in the dust. The new service I got is 33x faster for $20 less. Here’s a little taste of what I’ve been dealing with;

No, you aren’t reading that wrong. that’s 439 kilobytes worth of service. In 2016. NO MORE OF THAT! Bye bye, random outages, 90% bandwidth drops and choking on streaming media anytime corporate thinks you’re using the service you pay for every month too much.


The only bad news is that the old ISP is still gonna get to rip off my friends because the contract termination fee would require a small loan of a billion dollars and they don’t have it. It’s cool, though. I’ll just share mine with them. On friday, 4/1/2016, WE SHALL REJOIN CIVILIZATION!!!