Car based pickups are a wonderful thing. (Well, I prefer the term ute or bakkie, but in Australia and South Africa those terms have assimilated so that all pickups are called that, and it may be confusing for an Australian to hear how utes are a dying breed. So I have to use car based pickup. Annoying.)

The car based pickup is where stuff gets done. I think more work gets done in these small little things than full sized ones. Sure a lot of trucks can tow a yacht, whilst carrying half of the Amazon’s worth in wood, all while you and your extended family are getting massaged in leather seats. I’m sure their owners do that all the time. But the car based pickup? No bullshit, a utilitarian workhorse. Isn’t that what a pickup is supposed to be? It also helps ease my dislike for crew cabs.

Unfortunately the recent death of Australian cars, has left a massive hole in many of our hearts, and the death of the entire RWD ute segment. And that leaves just a few FWD supermini based pickups left, all in developing countries. Not exactly super exciting stuff, but interesting nonetheless.

Volkswagen Saveiro


Ok, this may recognise this if you’ve been reading Jalopnik semi-recently. Built in Brazil, this based off the VW Gol hatchback/VW Voyage sedan, where the Polo, is the premium choice.


And you can get it in single cab, extended cab with a cargo area behind the seats or the double cab with 3 additional seats. They’re all still 2 doors, so you have to climb in the back of your extended cab sports car style.

Fiat Strada


They sold this until 2017!

The Brazillian built Strada is the based off the old Fiat Palio Fire, which was on sale for stupid long, and although it was killed, the estate and the pickup still soldier on. Unlike the most of the other pickups here, you can get it with extra doors! One Veloster style single door on the right hand side....

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a higher metal to plastic ratio on a car.


Funny how much a trim level can change the appearance so much. Back in my day, we payed extra to remove the plastic bumpers.

Ram 700


Hey, aren’t you going to unbuckle your belt?

Wait a minute this looks familiar... Yes it’s a rebadged Fiat Strada. Sold under the Ram brand in Mexico. Yeah it’s hard to imagine this and a 1500 in the same dealership isn’t it. Now aside from the base model especially looking like the least manly pickup in the world, sold under the manliest truck company in the world, it also looks hard to believe as a Ram, because it doesn’t have the iconic Ram crosshairs.


Chevrolet Montana / Tornado

Dat wonky shopped licence plate tho

Although the older version was an Opel Corsa C, the newer one is the pickup version of the Chevrolet Agile. Apparently still based on the Corsa pllatform. The Agile was killed but the pickup version continues.



Remember the Ford Festiva? Well it still lives in Iran! And it’s got a pickup version! 1 of 3 pickups built and sold only in Iran, this one by a company called SAIPA. Apparently SAIPAs make up around 40% of cars in Iran, and I hope a good fraction are of the pickup.


IKCO Arisun Pickup

Would you believe it if I told you this is the newest vehicle here? Another Iranian company called Iran Khodro still makes brand new Peugeot 405s, and in 2015, they introduced a pickup based on it, although under their own IKCO branding.


Renualt Tondar Pickup

The original. The regular version is the top photo.


May be Renault badged, but is really a last gen Dacia Logan Pickup. Selling Dacias as a budget brand isn’t exactly a good idea in areas where most of your customers can’t afford a regular Renault, so Renault badges it is. These used to be sold everywhere, but now they’re only built and sold in one country, you guessed it Iran. They’re sold as an official Renault, but they’re built by Renault Pars, a partnership between...our friends Iran Khodro and SAIPA. Iran’s car industry are close. In fact, those 2 companies and pretty much every single Iranian company to do with automotive manufacturing are owned by one massive conglomerate.

Nissan NP200


Well, as a Renault it’s an Iranian exclusive, but in South America it’s available as a Nissan. And unlike the Ram, they did a semi decent job at designing the Nissan corporate grille on. Nissan kinda has a thing for outdated pickups don’t they?

So that’s all the ones I could find. I really hope there are more somewhere, but consumers need for excess means that demand for this niche is all but zero in many places.