I’m sure we all know that the 2/3 door SUVs are a rare breed. Once ubiquitous, and they have been nearly wiped out by their 5 door successors. 5 doors are objectively better in every way, a marginal increase in price and economy over 3 doors, for a massive increase in practicality. But smaller is better offroad, and.....um....better in cities?.......no that’s stup-look, they’re just cooler ok! Anyways, only a few remain. I’m kinda surprised just how many there were, but of course they’re spread out across countries.

Jeep Wrangler

Only makes sense to start this list with pretty much the only successful 3 door SUV there is left. But Tracy made a good point that, the 5 door version was what turned the Wrangler from an enthusiast machine to a phenomenon. Still, the Wrangler, hate it or not, is the shining beacon of hope of the 3 door SUVs survival.

Extinction threat: Least Concern.

Although in the future, Wrangler Unlimiteds will probably outsell the 3 door version 243 to 1, I’d like to think that Jeep would rather go defunct than kill the iconic 3 door.


Suzuki Jimny

I wish there was a convertible version again.

Pretty much my dream attainable car, the Suzuki Jimny is just glorious. I’ve said this dozens of times in comments, but I’m sorta disappointed they went with the retro Jeep knockoff route, the old one got a fantastic balance of cute and brute, but my excitement over a new one overshadows it.


Extinction threat: Near Threatened.

I’m amazed the previous gen sold well enough to even justify a new version! Although it’s safe for at least a couple of years, I’m afraid a 5 door version may pop up, jeopardising the 3 door.

Suzuki Grand Vitara


They still make the old Grand Vitara? Why yes they do. Unlike most of the other vehicles here, it’s has a unibody, but with a built in ladder frame. If it was anything like at launch, the 3 door isn’t available with a differential lock or low range, you’ll have to go 5 doors for that. Which is pretty bullshit, as you’d think a lot of offroaders would prefer the smaller nimble bodystyle, and the soccer mums will want the extra doors.

Extinction Threat: Critically Endangered.

The Grand Vitara was globally killed in 2017, but remains on sale in a couple other countries, such as Australia, but there are some places where as far as I know, you can only get the 5 door, such as Indonesia. It’s an old car, and is living on borrowed time.


Maruti Suzuki Gypsy

What can I say, Suzuki is quite good at this 3 door SUV thing. This delightful thing basically a Suzuki Samurai Shooting Brake for India. Wonderfully archaic and hard working.


Extinction Threat: Endangered.

Lack of safety regulations means old vehicles like this can continue to be sold in India, and I’m sure they could sell it for many more years, but there’s a very large possibility going to get replaced by the launch of the Jimny to India.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado


Well this is about as far as you can get from a Lexus GX isn’t it? The Prado is basically a Land Cruiser Lite, but you can also get it in 3 door! And look at this majestic thing with steelies and plastic trim!

You can also get it as a Panel van, combining 2 of my favourite automotive niches!

Extinction Threat: Critically Endangered.

Unfortunately, in Europe that is the only trim you can get (still, isn’t that the best trim?), all higher trims were recently killed off for the 3 door. Head to the UAE, and luxuries are a bit better, but there’s still some 5 door exclusive options. Stop treating 3 door SUVs as a second rate citizen!


Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Personally I’m conflicted on the Evoque Convertible. On the one hand, I feel SUV convertibles should have a B pillar, the target audience is quite frightening, a regular car convertible is better in every way except for offroading, which I’m sure owners will do all the time, and Murano jokes. On the other hand, Land Rover has a history of (better) convertible SUVs, this can actually offroad, and Land Rover has a lot of balls to create this.


Extinction Threat: Data Deficient.

I’m genuinely curious what sales are going to be like. I know alot of enthusiasts cried CrossCabriolet failures, but I can see the appeal to regular people. Crossovers may be putting every other car segment into jeopardy, but this is ridiculous.

Lada 4X4


Why did they stop calling these Nivas again? I heard Chevrolet stole the name for some of their Russian SUVs. Anyways the 4X4 lives on in the motherland. I was surprised to find out it’s a true unibody, the only one on this list?

Extinction Threat: Vunerable.

Apparently development on the next model has been postponed again, and again, with rumours stating 2021 as the new reveal date. probably looking like a generic 5 door crossover. But those rumours also say the existing model will coexist with the new one. Lets hope 3 door sales wont be too abysmal by then.


Troller T4

Currently known as the “Ford please bring this as the new Bronco” car, doesn’t this look fantastic? OK it’s pretty hard for small 3 door body on frame SUVs to not look fantastic, but.........fantastic! I’ve heard many reliability horror stories though, why do offroaders always tend to be so unreliable?


Extinction Threat: Vunerable.

No idea about sales, but I doubt they’re setting charts on fire. Ford ownership may grant some financial security however.

TAC Spark


Yet another Brazilian offroader, this funky little thing was just updated. It frankly looks like a Wrangler with a bit too many mods. They stopped selling them in 2014, but news just came in that they were bought by chinese company Zoyte, and they’re back on market!

Extinction Threat: Vunerable

This is pretty much a toy for the rich, and 217 have been sold. Being owned by another company, they do have some financial security.


Mahindra Thar

With two benches in the back facing each other, you can seat 8 people! (May not contain any sense of safety whatsoever) That’s more than most full size SUVs!

The Mahindra Thar, basically a look at Jeep on a different evolutionary path. Mahindra started off by making knock down Willys, and it lives on today. It’s very interesting looking at Mahindra’s lineup to see an alternative universe to the evolution of the slotted grill.


Extinction threat: Near threatened.

Apparently, like it’s American counterpoint, these are super popular in India, even more due to the rough terrain there. A new version is allegedly in the works too, but it may spell the beginning of the end if a 5 door is announced.

Force Gurkha Xplorer

I’m pleased to report that black rectangle thing on the side is not another door handle. Wait what is that thing?


Force is an Indian commercial vehicle manufacturer, but they also make this G-Wagen looking thing. They also have a 5 door version called the Xpedition. Kinda hearkens back to the days the first Suburbans, where despite how long the body was, it was still a 3 door.

Extinction threat: Vunerable

As they mainly make vans and trucks and tractors, passenger vehicles aren’t a big priority for them. Apparently another (rebadged chinese) SUV they sold didn’t do so well and was killed.



Oh dear. Why yes, that Wrangler knockoff you read about in 1o Chinese car knock offs you can’t believe! (Number 8 is uncanny!) you read 8 years ago is still on sale. Surprisingly enough, they’ve also copied the body on frame construction as well, but it’s not a convertible.


Extinction threat: Endangered.

Well, I can’t imagine too many of these sell, especially compared to the 5 door version available.


Mahindra Roxor


That thing doesn’t even have doors!

But look how good it looks! I’m sure doors will be an option.

You can’t even drive that thing on roads!

But look how good it looks!

Range Rover SV Coupé


Well it’s clearly a 3 door SUV, so what’s the problem? Well I did say on sale new. And this is a limited production model and while it’s still on sale, it won’t be for long. But my God it looks good. Lets make custom 3 door conversions of everything.

Land Rover Defender Works V8 70th Edition

At least I got to post of a picture of this magnificent truck. RIP Defender.


Well they are technically churning out new 2018 Defenders amirite? What do you mean it’s a glorified custom job? And it’s sold out, so you can’t really buy it new?

Toyota Land Cruiser 70

Toyota UAE only sells pickup versions these days, but has a single picture of a SWB Land Cruiser in the gallery. Almost definitely an outdated website, but maybe...


Some places are lucky enough to sell brand new J70s, but some were even luckier, as they got SWB versions. Wikipedia says they’re still sold in certain places like the UAE. I found out if you go to a couple Arabian Toyota websites, the brochures say they still sell 3 door 70s, hard and softop! Although there’s a very large possibility they just forgot to update the website. They kinda have bigger problems there.·

Still, I hear Toyota gets alot of sales in Iraq. An up to date website is important!

So do Toyota still sell proper 3 door 70s somewhere? Or have they stopped make them long ago?


Opel Adam Rocks / Vauxhall Adam Rocks

Actually 3 door hatchbacks are cool.

You’re kidding me, right?


I know, there’s even more coming! I’m shocked this is even a section!

Land Rover Defender 90

Defender! You again?


Although everything else about the new Defender looks sacrilegious, They at least had the decency to keep the 3 door version. And I can’t get too mad for that.

Bollinger B1


That electric SUV you’ve heard about? It’s a three door! Unfortunately their website states that the 5 door version will only be built at first. As far as I know only renderings of the 5 doors exist, but there are prototypes of the 3 door. What gives! Let’s hope it’s not shovelware.

Volkswagen T-Roc Convertible


Well this SUV crossover has become a trend I guess. This list could turn into What convertible crossover should you buy? in 10 years.

Ford Bronco

I could have made a Questionable Upcoming heading but I’ll spare the redundancy


I have no faith Ford will do the Bronco justice and make it a 3 door solid axle SUV, but this teaser is making me sceptically hopeful. I’m betting on it being another cool concept that the fans have been waiting for, but the proper thing is a Ford Everest with boxy styling. Prove me wrong Ford.

Recently Extinct

Range Rover Evoque Coupé


Welp, news just came in Land Rover has just killed the coupé version globally. It was dead in America but it only now has been discontinued globally. So much for the Sport in Sport Utility Vehicle. How did 3 door Evoques not take off as the hot new trendy niche! Victoria Beckham couldn’t save it!

Mitsubishi Pajero


Also extremely recently, the Pajero/Shogun/Montero has just been killed, taking with it it’s awesome 3 door bodystyle. Now the writing was on the wall for the archaic Pajero, but I don’t think anyone thought it would take 12 years. The one pictured here is the Final Edition. I’m still unsold on the rims, they need to be smaller.

So that’s all the ones I could find. That may seem like quite a few, but area specific, that’s like 4 on sale in Europe and Oceania, 3 in India, and 2 in North America, Russia and Brazil. Oh dear. Please tell me there are some more stragglers out there, somewhere. You know, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti etc. make a 3 door SUV. I’m sure that rappers saying they’re rolling around in their coop truck, make 3 door SUVs popular again, and all manufactures rush out for this hot new trend. They may be unibody, but that’s a crossover subgenre I could get behind.