So, I was heading to Austin's local ford dealer (Or the one closest to me) to see if they had any fiesta ST's I could test drive, since it looks like the S2000 might not be long for my garage. I am met by a cool young salesperson, also just moved from Houston, so we swapped stories while he looked at their computer system to see if they have any in stock. He looks up at me and says "Sorry Patrick, no fiesta STs here, but we do have a new Ecoboost Mustang if you wanna go for a drive and talk." I'm never one to turn down a fun opportunity, so I grabbed the keys and off we went. It wasn't an upsell, there was no pressure to buy, it was just him not wanting to be in his office and wanting me to not go home without driving something new. Ended up driving around the Austin highway system for about 40 minutes, and then some quick backroad jaunts. Almost ran it empty accidentally, but all in good fun. I went home with fiesta ST info, and having made a good contact at the ford dealership, who will sell me a ST at cost if I do build one. Good day, and that ecoboost mustang is a world car, and I am going to miss that car a bunch. Wish I could afford that one