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Ender's TN/NC Super Post

This is where I dump all my pictures from my trip to the mountains (and then Nashville) with JordanSlowRunner, LimitedTimeOnly, and OpposResidentLexusGuy.

Day 1 and 2 part 1:

Jordan and I leave Lexington, SC and arrive in Pidgeon Forge, TN without using any interstates. Stupid Slingshot rental spins into mountain toward our destination. We stop by a stream on day 2 where I ended up dropping my wallet and private cellphone into the stream.


Day 2 part 2:
I go attend a 2-hr showing about time shares (LMAO, I’m the only millennial in a room of boomers, like I can fucking afford this bullshit!) because that’s how I got a “free” stay in the mountains. I then proceed to haul ass through backroads and the Foothills Parkway to catch up to Jordan and LTO at the Dragon.
On the way back through the Foothills Parkway at night, we pulled off to get some epic night shots overlooking what I believe is Knoxville.

Day 3:
Jordan and I blitz across TN to get to Nashville and the Lane Motor Museum. We spot a mint Porsche 914 while getting gas.


The Lane was heaven. By the way, OpposResidentLexusGuy, did your boss ever approve of wanting to install my Mazdaspeed knob on that AZ-1?


Day 4:
Jordan split off on Day 3 to visit family in AL so returned to Pigeon Forge alone. I leave the hotel around 8am and it’s raining...and then it starts snowing as I climb in elevation. I eventually climb so high I go above the snow! After that, the rest of the Blue Ridge Parkway was epic.


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