The second month with the pay to enter model arrived and it was busier this time than it was last time. I actually had to wait a fair bit to get in, but the line moved at an ok clip. Next time I’ll have to attempt to be there earlier! And while I mention next time, for the holiday season the meet will be from 7AM - 10AM on the 2nd Sunday because Nebraska Furniture Mart will be open longer for the holidays. Just an FYI for the folks that attend the meet!

The moment I got out of my car I found a Ferrari 458 and a Lamborghini Murcilago. The perfect opening shot. Supercars are far in the minorty at this meet, and the focus is more on the tuner cars. But that is fine with me. It’s awesome to talk to everybody, and find out a little story. I sat in line behind 2 RX7's, and they naturally ended up in the video as well. I love those cars, and they are every bit of an icon as the Supra. Those both still sported their rotaries, but there was a RX-Vette there too. The taillights on that car... WOW! And then the LS swapped FRS... do WANT to review.

I also loved the 1970 ‘cuda convertible. Packed with a 6.1 SRT-8 for that worry free driving you could litterally take it all over the country with no issues at all.


The favorite had to be the McLaren 675LT that was hiding from me. I literally did not see it until I started walking away. The meet has no designated area for Supercars like Cars and Coffee does, so it really is a treat when you find one! And another plus... I found it easier to get some shots of the cars as well!

So which was was your favorite this time around? Let me know!

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