It has been a while since I attended a PM meet. I was going to travel to the Netherlands (it is where I am typing this as a matter of fact) and I really wanted to film another video to keep at least somewhat close to a once a week video upload. So I figured to give this meet at the local Nebraska Furniture Market parking lot.

And I was amazed. Amazed by the attendance but also amazed by the general attitude of the show goers. Most departures where not too extravagant and everyone was more than willing to talk about their car.

I will definitely make this a one month deal. Cars and Coffee is great, but this show is definitely on that level. Not many super-cars, but I bet that as the meet grows that is likely to change.

The meet is every Sunday at the Nebraska Furniture Mart in the Colony, TX from 7-10pm. Rain or shine, the parking garage is for the rain days! It is private property, and everyone gathered is encouraged at the entrance and departure to keep things civil. Immaturity kills meets, and this is a great one and I hope it can go on indefinitely!