One terrible issue with having (completely) repainted your car is that all original labels are removed. If you do it correct that is of course. So after painting it looked empty like this:


I did get some labels from a guy in Germany but recently I found some guy in Colombia that made 'm all, even the ones from third party-companies. Yesterday I got my order:

Man, where do I put 'm all. Luckily I've made pictures when Edwin did his 2002 Alpina Projekt so that's a start:


Now only thing that's missing is the VIN-plate. And what to do with that? The car is actually a 2000 touring but after the facelift the touring also went to be a 2002. And my car will look like a post-facelift with a tii-engine. So I probably will get one of these:


Not authentic but that's what my car won't be anyway. At least it looks authentic using this one...

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