Engine Block Mystery Science Theatre 5000 (cc)

My dad and I completely disassembled the Ford 302 which came with the purchase of my 1970 Mustang. Supposedly it is an '85, except the casting numbers are *everywhere*. According to the codes, the intake is from a Lincoln, the block states it's a 1980 (E0AE, which would mean it's only a 4.2L engine), the heads are from '85 (E5AE), and the carb was electronically controlled. The mismatch isn't particularly terrible, but someone committed a serious Jalop crime with this engine.

I start taking off the motor mounts, Dad starts taking off the timing cover (which we need). He's almost done, but I ask him to check something on one of the other engines. I finish taking off the mount and start taking off the oil pan. I get to the last two screws (one on each end) and I think 'WAIT!'. I ask if there is a container or something; I'm going to take out the plugs. He goes: O_O Things could have ended badly, possibly fetidly. So, plugs are extracted and out rushes...water. Nasty smelling water. A little bit of oil with it....but the water keeps coming.


4-5 minutes and the other plug later, we've filled a 5-gallon bucket about 3/4 with a about a 20-80 split of sludgy oil to water, producing a rather putrid aroma. Someone either left this motor outside, fished it out of a river, or *actually* used it as a boat anchor. After more disassembling, puzzling things start to emerge. The connecting rods look fine, the crank is in beautiful shape, the lifters look like they JUST came out of the box. We wire-brushed the heads and they didn't look bad. There's actually something usable in that thar' motor!

Disappointment reared it's ugly head when we finally took off the timing cover (water pump and all). This is the ONE part we needed...and the water pump pulley axle thingy (I can't remember the real name at the moment >_>) punched straight through the back of the cover. My dad gets a little more frustrated than he should have and yells, "Those goddamn bastards DROPPED it! Right on the goddamned nose!"


After our stint of not-so-warranted anger, another peculiarity pops up though: the timing chain. "What's wrong with the chain?", you might ask. Nothing was wrong. Which was weirder. It had on an aftermarket double roller that had NO slack, perfectly taut. We thus came to the conclusion that this was going to be something at some point in the past. There's too many unused parts, a bunch of the casting numbers don't match, lack of non-superficial rust. Someone was going to make this engine shine in their bay, firing along, mightily turning those wheels to pull at that pavement. Instead, it was left to the auto-equivalent of Davy Jones' Locker.

Illustration for article titled Engine Block Mystery Science Theatre 5000 (cc)

Picture taken before the unholy water spewed forth.

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