So I've run some numbers and looked over building materials I'd plan on using, and I'd like some input from you guys(and girls) out there that care to put in two cents.

To start off, NUMBERS. For now just the simple stuff since the build materials are what i really want to talk about:

-Engine Displace: 134 cubic inches (2.2L)

-Bore/stroke: 4:1

-Bore: 7.5 in

-Stroke: 1.56 in

-Compression ratio: 15:1

Most of those sound outrageous I know, but hey go big or go home (plus I'm still changing the numbers to make them more reasonable). For those that don't know this engine is a Flat Twin with two variable geometry turbos (one per cylinder) and was water cooled. For the full description there's the link below.


Most of the engine was aluminum to save weight, but i'm making some addition and revisions. The pistons would be a beryllium-aluminum blend making it a third of the weight of a regular aluminum piston. The headers and exhaust manifolds would be titanium. The crank would be Light weight, CNC machined, use aerowing counterweights, and be nitrite hardened. Along with the stratified fuel injection there would be dual spark plugs (since the piston is so large and wouldn't have as clean a burn). The intake piping would be carbon fiber reinforced with Kevlar. Each turbo would have a separate intercooler. The radiator would have a fan clutch still to aid in cooling. It would still run around 9000 rpms, but i might push it a bit higher.


These edits are for two reasons: 1) the original was a lot like the bmw r100rs engine 2) it's a racing engine and needed better materials and to be lighter to run at the levels I'd be asking of it.

*What do you guys think. Im open to anything. I am planning on building this design, but slowly and after i get a solid design that has a low chance of immediately blowing up and wasting a bunch of money.