Engine Engineer Luke Wilson of 4 Pistons Racing

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If you’re into custom engine work, this episode is for you. Ike chats with Luke Wilson, co-founder of 4 Piston Racing, a custom engine developer near Indianapolis. They talk about Luke, along with Josh Klein, started the company, what types of engines they work on, and how they go about designing engines for specific purposes, such as drag or endurance racing. Luke tells us why he hates the modern trend of turbocharging all the cars, and why Subarus are easier to work on than Evos, which is why they’re next on 4 Piston’s development list. They also discuss their strong reliance on their web site and social media in contrast to some of the old school engine developers out there, the advantages and challenges of using nitrous, and Luke’s philosophy of “don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff.”


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