As part of the work on the Chevelle, I’m rebuilding the engine wiring harness. There’s plenty of old stuff which can be removed, and some which can be replaced. Plus - there’s always stuff to clean.

After taking measurements of the harness as-is (such as where the branches split out, and how far they do so), I removed the wrapping and then about half of the harness, which hadn’t been connected to anything in quite some time anyways.

Weight reduction?

With this out of the way, the harness would be ready to clean the wires and re-wrap if I were going to keep the points ignition - but I’m not, since points aren’t keen on high-power high-revving engines.

From left to right: firewall connector, ignition coil, wiper/washer motor, coil of wire (switched 12v feeds I kept from removed circuits), starter trigger

In part 2 we will replace the resistor wire (and the bypass wire) with a regular 12ga wire (probably the orange one I removed above). Eventually this will be cleaned up, re-wrapped, and be good as new to go back into the car.

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